"A rich sonorous swirls outward like a subtle stream of sweet incense"
            - People Magazine
"Earthy...wonderfully alive."
            - Cover Magazine
"Intelligent and highly literate songs...brilliantly performed and conceived with lyrics worthy of a first rate novelist...memorable melodic hooks and an intoxicating fervor..."
  - New York Daily News

"Wendy Wall's voice is an ideal hybrid of the airiness of "Clouds"-period Joni Mitchell and the velvety muscularity of Joan Armatrading. On her striking debut album, Wall breathes the literate, Mitchell-influenced lyrics of songs such as "Wandering the Streets of Modern America," which successfully suggests the anxious, information-overloaded ambiance of an urban street, and the very un-'60s anti-war protest song "Missiles & Guns." The generous 14-song introduction was handsomely produced by Rob Fraboni, who couches Wall's floating ache of a voice with guitar and percussion textures and subtle woodwinds

   -Washington Post

"An intriguing debut...soulful vibrato, peculiar phrasing...naïve beauty..."
            - Billboard Magazine
"A fresh face in a promising debut...poignant lyrics..."
            - Boston Globe
"A voice as deep and seductive as the still of midnight..."
            - Hits Magazine
“pure talent... timeless music...soul-baring lyrics and goosebump-inducing vibrato... depth and hard-won authenticity...”
            - Sesac Songwriter Magazine
"A true bohemian chanteuse...wonderful songs washed in terrific pop melodies and inspired vocals..."
           - New York Review of Records
"Elegant compositions about life and love...contemplative lyrics....highly imaginative, even exotic with the strong internal rhythm of good poetry..."
           - Metroland Weekly
"A few words come to mind as you listen to Wendy Wall's 'Two Birds', harmonic, observant, creative and most important: flawless."
           - Flick Music Reviews
"Audacious craft...raw essence and raw power...visually stimulating and reflective...Wall is a true poet at heart...fruitful melodies and in depth thought provoking musical poems...intelligent, crafty, poetic...absorb as much as you can, you won't be served a hot dish like this again for sometime."
          - Media Plus Magazine
"A very special artist who will touch your heart...don't let this one get away - remember Wendy Wall."
           - The Stage Newspaper- Connecticut
"In a voice that will haunt your dreams, Wendy Wall makes songs of raw emotion and tender reflection. She conducts the players with a flutter of her diminutive hand in arrangements so artful as to be inextricable from the songs themselves. 'Two Birds', produced by Wall and Peter Gallway is a dense collection of warmly intense songs - phrases and melodies that spin in your mind long after the CD player has stopped."
           - Marilyn Rea Beyer, Music director, WUMB Radio Boston
"rich, beautiful voice...crafty lyrics...strong percussion..."
          - Courier News
"Aching vibrato... a bittersweet mix... her voice, rich and sensual, is instantly inviting... her lyrics communicate her experience in a way that makes the personal universal... let's hope she never stops."

           - Richard Winham WUTC Radio Chattanooga

     "Wendy Wall's knack for musical poetry and storytelling resonates at a conversational and interpersonal level thanks to the interaction of her vibrantly textured voice and the rest of her band… her songs speak about overcoming loss and contemplating dreams. Wall's third album, The Road To Paradise, is a graceful folk-rock interpretation of life's hardships and highlights"

            - The Valley Advocate


"This thirteen song collection from Wendy Wall titled The Road to Paradise is a mix of folk and country with a smattering of pop hooks..."I Woke Up Dreaming", "What Do I Do with Love", "The Wallflower Waltz" and "Water under the Bridge" reflect the mood here. Other tracks of note include "Hugging the Coast", "The Wisdom" and "A Wing and a Prayer" that features some fine banjo pickin' from Larry Campbell".
                 Best of NY





Wendy first recorded in 1989 on SBK/EMI and was one of the forerunners of the eclectic female singer-songwriter wave that blossomed in the 90’s and continues to evolve to this day. Wendy’s self-titled debut album on the SBK/EMI label, produced by Grammy winning producer Rob Fraboni, was a New York Music Award winner and seven-fold nominee, including nominations for Best Female Vocalist and Best Songwriter. She has had videos on VH1 and been the musical guest star on David Letterman, The Joan Lunden Show and Nile Rodger’s inner visions on VH1. Her song “Postcard to the Stars” was featured on VH1’s Earth Day Special in the 90’s. 
Two Birds was recorded in Los Angeles and produced by Wendy and Peter Galway.
The most recent release, The Road to Paradise, was recorded in New York and produced by Wendy and Grammy Award winner Stewart Lerman.

Sesac Magazine hailed Wendy's music as “pure talent…timeless music…soul baring lyrics and goosebump inducing vibrato…depth and hard won authenticity.” Fans have called it “wonderfully philosophical, lusciously listenable music” and called Wendy “one of our greatest national treasures, and one of our best kept secrets” 

Wendy’s songs serve as sonic oases, offering both sustenance and a vantage point for putting life’s terrain into perspective

Listener reviews

Listener Reviews for The Road to Paradise

Here's what people are saying about THE ROAD TO PARADISE

"Wendy Wall and her partner Baker Lee have collaborated on one of the
most beautiful albums I have ever heard. Wendy's vocals on The Road To
Paradise are absolutely mesmerizing on her jazz-infused folk tunes,
enhanced by Baker's lush instrumentals. Wendy's strong, emotive vibrato
is the strength of this work."

Nusi Dekker

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The emotional impact of listening to "The Road to Paradise" is simply
stunning. These are songs that come at you so directly, from so deep
inside, with such rare honesty and clear beauty, and such an organic
force that I found I was completely transported from the task at hand
and had to give my full attention to the music. I was more than
captivated, I was captured. Wendy Wall's songs felt like grace to me.

Kiki, Urban Planner

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"These are powerful songs. Wendy Wall writes from her bones. She sings of the private inner-most things we have in common but few dare to mention. The musicianship is first rate: whimsical, improvisational, soaring, then melancholy. The Road to Paradise is a path worth taking."

Petina Cole, filmmaker, musician

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The instrumental work is beautiful on every song and your vocals are soothing and earthy. It is the perfect CD to get me through my day at work or just out on an afternoon drive. 'Fool's Gold' and 'What Do I Do with Love' are my favorites, but the title song "the Road to Paradise" is also lovely! I will enjoy this CD for a long time to come.

Erin Carter

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"A beautiful and lush musical experience…Wendy's vocals are captivating and the music rich with lyrical imagery….love it!!"

Elizabeth Lyon

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Each time I listen to Wendy Wall’s new CD, I notice something different and interesting about the music. The more you listen, the more you’ll enjoy it.

When you listen carefully you realize that each note and word was clearly thought out. When you play it while you work, it leaves you feeling a little better.

Some times she sounds a bit country, sometimes a bit folk, or rock. Mostly she sounds like Wendy. Each song has its own feel. They are are great to hear.

Greg, NYC

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
What a great bunch of tunes. A spot of sunshine on a stormy day. Glad
I took The Road to Paradise.

Gay Miller

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Wendy Wall's latest album, The Road To Paradise, is a wonderful
collection of original songs.

I have really enjoyed listening to the album, and especially
appreciate the sound quality of the recordings. Wendy has done great
job, and I highly recommend this album to anyone who appreciates great

Greg L

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Beautiful and real!  There is a natural and simple art behind her music that stays with you throughout the day!  Very much recommend it!  


Brenda Fusté

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Richard and I had such a wonderful night seeing you perform your beautiful magic on your mesmerized audience.

From the minute you began singing, you captured my heart and held me spellbound. I loved the songs, the sound, your voice, and esp. the lyrics!

I fell immediately in love with the passion and importance and beauty of the words you wrote. And you have such an easy and relaxed presence on stage and seemed to be having so much fun with your partner, Baker Lee. He is just fabulous on the guitar and your chemistry and sound together is really exciting to watch.

Good luck to all of you on the CD, which I purchased, and which I intend to enjoy over and over again.

Sandi Schapiro
New York New York

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